Cigales Red Wine 12 Months


Red wine of Author. Matured 12 months in oak barrel. Grape variety: 100% Tempranillo, this is a broth extracted from the selection of the manual vintage of the most native wines, with slight nuances of their stay in the wood, such as vanilla, roasted, chocolate and slate and mineral terrain.

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Best drinking temperature: between 18º C – 23º C.

Tasting notes: Visual Phase: intense red color with ruby glints. Smelling Notes: powerful fruity taste in fruits such as raspberry, blackberry, ripe strawberry with a remaining sotobosque fruit taste. Palate Tasting: soft and fruity, with a tannic structure with light nuances of wood. Aftertaste with vanilla and chocolate, with a torrefact end and as for the soil slate and mineral taste.


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