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Cigales White Wine

This white wine is the result of a careful process of selection from a variety of Verdejo and Viura grapes from the year harvest.

Bright and crystalline white gold colour, with scents of green apple, apricot and pineapple background, with a very marked, persistent and balanced fruit. Wine from the Region of Cigales, Valladolid (Spain).


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Cigales Rosé Wine

Rosé wine of the year, is made with selected grapes, Tempranillo 80%, Verdejo and Albillo 20%, from the Region of Cigales, Valladolid (Spain).

Intense strawberry pink colour with ruby, with an excellent aroma and complex finish. Touches of red fruits and floral, excellent taste when drinking, fresh and with armony.

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Cigales Red Wine

Red wine of the year, is made with selected Tempranillo grapes from the Region of Cigales, Valladolid (Spain).

It has an intense and stable colour, with fresh scents and fruits, such as raspberry and strawberry; of velvety palate.

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Cigales Red Wine 12 Months

Red wine of Author. Matured 12 months in oak barrel. Grape variety: 100% Tempranillo, this is a broth extracted from the selection of the manual vintage of the most native wines, with slight nuances of their stay in the wood, such as vanilla, roasted, chocolate and slate and mineral terrain.

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